Cedar plunge tub with external wood stove and plastic bowl with polypropylene seats

Cedar plunge tub with external wood stove and plastic bowl with polypropylene seats

Design features

We offer tubs made of a polypropylene bowl with wooden covering. To install such a plunge tub, you do not need to make a special bowl and tiling. It’s enough just to prepare flat surface.

Advantages of the design with a plastic insert:

– wear resistance. Polypropylene is a durable material that is UV rays proof and can withstand fairly heavy loads;

– availability. Plastic products are inexpensive, so they are affordable for owners of bath complexes and also for home sauna lovers;

– attractiveness. A wooden design will never look cheap;

– safety. Tub bowls are made from environmentally friendly raw materials that do not release toxic substances;

– versatility. Structures with a plastic insert can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

– hygiene. Polypropylene seats are easy to clean including disinfectant solutions.

Description Quantity  
Furaco round plunge tub 1


Diameter 1.5 meters Volume -1.8 m3
Depth 106 cm
Can accommodate up to 4 people
PP bowl colour :blue/gray
Wood finish colour: to choose from
The package includes:
5 mm polypropylene bow
 – 15 years warranty;
Exterior wood finish (Altai cedar);
Polypropylene seats
External wood-burning stove 55 kW stainless steel Aisi 306 steel grade
Chimney kit (2 meters)
Overflow system
Water drain
Wooden “porch” podium with 3
 steps made of cedar
PP bowl insulation (walls and bottom)
10 mm thermal insulation
Circulation pump
Plunge tub price: $5,900


Plunge tub D 1.8 m $6,200
Plunge tub D 2.0 m $6,900
Plunge tub D 2.4 m $7,700


Additionally, the hot tub can be equipped with


Name Quantity Cost
RGB LED lighting 1 $580
Air massage system 1 $1,050
Thermal cap 1 $415
Thermal protection cover for the chimney 1 $195
Drink shelf 1 $100
Podium “porch” railings 2 $250
Paddle 1 $100

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