Cedar plungу tub with submersible wood stove

Cedar plungу tub with submersible wood stove

Our ancestors’ bath procedures ended with dipping into an ice-hole or snowdrift. It is not always possible to get to the ice-hole. But there is a solution — to install a wooden tub and enjoy bathing in cool or heated water.

A cedar barrel is an excellent option, as wood has a beneficial effect on the entire body. The resin released by the fibers — gum — evaporates and spreads phytoncides. These volatile compounds enter the respiratory system and improve the functioning of the arteries, heart, and lungs.

Altai cedar is a durable material, it is not exposed to putrefactive bacteria, and it is not afraid of moisture. The rich content of aromatic substances repels harmful insects. People have long noticed these features and began to use cedar to make hot tubs.

Seats, oven rails and stove are removable

Description Quantity Photo
Furaco round plunge tub  







1 package

Diameter 1.5 meters Volume -1.8 m3
Depth 106 cm
Can accommodate up to 4 people
Wood finish colour: to choose from
The package includes:
Exterior wood finish (Altai cedar);
Cedar seats
Integrated wood-burning stove 40 kW, stainless steel Aisi 304 steel grade
Chimney kit (2 meters)
Overflow system
Water drain
Wooden “porch” podium with 3 steps made of cedar
Plunge tub price $3,970


Plunge tub D 1.8 m $4,500
Plunge tub D 2.0 m $5,000
Plunge tub D 2.4 m $5,400


Additionally, the hot tub can be equipped with

Name Quantity Cost
Thermal cap 1 $415
Thermal protection cover for the chimney 1 $195
Drink shelf 1 $100
Podium “porch” railings 2 $250
Paddle 1 $100

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